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Microsoft 365 Setup Guide

The OFFPAD can be used to log in to any service that supports FIDO2. Each service has its own way of doing this and the process is normally well documented. This usage guide will describes how to do this for Microsoft 365.

Prerequisites for Windows Hello

If you want to use your OFFPAD to login to a Windows machine through Windows Hello the following must be in place:

  • A machine running Windows 10 or newer, with professional or business license
  • FIDO2 needs to be setup in your AD, this is something your local it-administrator does as described here
  • A machine fully enrolled in a domain with Intune, ask your local it-administrator if you are unsure abotu this.

Setting up an OFFPAD

When you have successfully setup your OFFPAD, by following the steps in the getting started guide, you are ready to start using your OFFPAD as your preferred method of authentication by following the steps below.

1. Login in to your Microsoft 365 account page

The OFFPAD needs to be added as an allowed sign-in method in your Microsoft 365 account page. If don't have access to your Microsoft 365 account page, please contact your local it-administrator.

The steps below might require you to sign-in using two-factor authentication, if that is the case you will see the message below. If you don't know how to do this please contact your local it-administrator.


2. Update your Security Info

After opening your Microsoft 365 account page, under "Security Info" click "UPDATE INFO" to add your OFFPAD as a new sign-in method

Step 2

3. Add new sign-in methods

The page "Security Info" displays a list of allowed sign-in methods, click "Add sign-in method" to setup your OFFPAD as a sign-in method.

Step 2

4. Select the correct method

The OFFPAD is a Security Key so please select "Security Key" from the list.

Step 4

4. Select the type of Security Key

The OFFPAD supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) but Microsoft 365 has not yet added this option in the list of selectable types for Security Keys. However Microsoft does not distinguish between NFC and BLE so please select NFC.

Step 5

5. Configurating the OFFPAD

Microsoft 365 will now start the configuration process. Please make sure you have powered on your OFFPAD before clicking "Next".

Step 6

In the "Create a passkey" window please select the "External security key or built-in sensor" option.

Step 7

Click "OK" in the next 2 windows displayed. You will be prompted to authenticate your self using your OFFPAD.

Step 8

Step 9

The final step of the process is giving your OFFPAD a name. This is only for your convenience if you have more that one Security Key registered.

Step 10

You will now be sent back to the "Security Info" page and your OFFPAD should be in the list of allowed sign-in methods.

Step 11

using an OFFPAD

To login in using your OFFPAD select "Sign-in options" and then select the security key option.


To complete the sign-in a fingerprint check will be performed on the OFFPAD.